Thursday, July 25, 2013

Silent Conversations

Wow, for cereal the health center nurses are ridiculous! As part of fixing the failed HIV Testing Day yesterday, they told us to have people come to the health center today at 8AM to get tested. We arrived around 8:15 to ensure everything would work out all right. The nurses were just seated at their houses near the health center washing their laundry! All they did was stare at the six of us seated beneath a mango tree. It was so frustrating to see. Finally, a lady came and told us that there would be a burial today so it would not be a regular working day and people would probably not come to get tested. So we had to pack up and walk what felt like a long walk back home. Between each other, we discussed the issue and figured that we should talk to the UVP staff about how to best approach this matter. There is a chance that the head midwife nurse could be transferred to another health center, which at this point, we are content with.

For the rest of the day, we made posters for our Family Planning session tomorrow. It will be a long one, but hopefully many people show up. As we finished up the posters and lunch, our favorite kids showed up. Batale, Said, Nesse, and Guster played a small game of football on our front lawn. It was a nice pick-me-up from this morning. Yet, we had to cut their game short to attend the burial. An older lady passed away. She had been a government politician so many people showed up. It was hard to watch as many people this time cried and had to be carried away. I hope she has a good afterlife. It was clear she was loved by many.

After the burial, as we came up to the house, the kids were already playing football outside. We played cards and hung around for some time until we left for the rice fields again. The sunset was breathtaking again and the games amusing. In between the yelps and happy screams from the kids, you can hear the wind and the rice silently conversing with one another. So relaxing.