Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Game of Thrones

Today, we met with the head nurse at the health center and took a tour. It's a very small place with not much staff and very dilapidated rooms and beds. The nurse seemed tired, but she was nice and helped us out. We were able to set up an HIV Testing Day and discuss the possibility of a deworming day at the school. After the visit, we came back to the house for a nice hefty lunch to set us full and ready for 3 hours of baseline surveys in the hot sun. This time, both of our teams worked in the same zone. Though it was slightly confusing with numbering the houses, we managed to finish up our zone minus a few houses (where no one was home). Hopefully, with a full day of baseline tomorrow, we'll be finished entirely!

After the 30 minute trek back home, we had a few moments of relaxation before the kids rushed over. As Robert pulled up on his bicycle, I came out with the deck of cards and soon enough, Batale swung by and we had ourselves a nice game going. The younger kids brought their makeshift football considering we couldn't play yesterday with the standard size. After a few rounds of cards, Andrew discovered from the kids that Kabaale James wasn't home so I ran inside to grab the ball and the football game started once more. Their smiles just make me so happy. I told Isaac that I had this small fear that a kid who didn't eat enough for the day would play and end up fainting from malnutrition. But he told me that football probably gets their mind off of hunger. That made me feel slightly better for defying our 77 year old neighbor.

We didn't have a dance party tonight - just a few friends who shook their hips during the game. It was getting dark so I took out my headlamp and all the kids ended up playing with it. After saying good night to the kids, we had dinner, which was really good. We had chicken, cabbage, rice, avocado, sweet potatoes, and watermelon. Post-dinner, I engrossed myself in Game of Thrones. It's getting so good. Just passed the Red Wedding....