Sunday, July 7, 2013

Chapatti Sunday

First thing's first, Happy Birthday Dad! I hope it was wonderful! 

Unfortunately, I didn't have that many adventures this weekend, but I did make a lot of memories! The first was Issac making chapatti! Yumm. Flour, oil, salt, water, carrots & onions is all you need. Matched with peas, that was lunch! It was delicioso! (But I forgot to take a picture of the completed masterpiece....sorry!)

 The usual football game started earlier today around mid-day. While the older kids played, I made paper airplanes for the younger ones. But surprisingly, that attracted the attention of the older kids too. It was nice to see everyone throwing them around, but after awhile, we had about 10 airplanes on our roof. Then it was back to soccer, until our 77-year old neighbor across the street, Kabaale James, came out and told the kids to stop playing. They didn't listen to him the first time and when he started to come towards the house, all I read was some screaming and thundering footsteps coming towards me. One of them chucked the ball into the house and followed the rest of them, running around the back of the house.

Still, we had another game later in the day - a shorter one because out of nowhere, an impromptu dance party arrived. With simple clapping as the beat, the kids started to dance. Let's just say the kids of Kasambika 2 know how to move their hips!