Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Kasambiika Surprises

Woo! Today was our first sensitization and it was a hit! Approximately 85 people attended our malaria session and we sold 24 subsidized nets out of 53. It went really well. We talked about the symptoms, prevention, and treatment of malaria. We included a little skit as well to demonstrate the most vulnerable populations and how to best prevent malaria. Kenzie was a pregnant mother, I was a child under 5, and Andrew was the mosquito. The community members laughed and applauded our poorly acted skit, but we think the message was clear. We answered some questions and dispelled some myths too. In addition, we started our weekly tippy tap raffle. What is that you ask? Well folks, here's how it works: 1) we first randomly chose the winner of a new tippy tap by picking a number on the attendance sheet, 2) then we come and build a tippy tap at the winner's house. Boom. Done. Aren't you jealous?

After coming back, the teammates wanted some quiet time so there was no football today. But I was able to borrow Said's hoe and fill up a trash pit we had dug a few weeks back. (By we, I mean Isaac). Apparently, I'm too slow with a hoe, so Said ended up filling up the rest. With the leftover dirt, the little ones helped me fill up other holes in our compound. Now, we hopefully won't have as many sprained ankles! After returning the hoe, I also went with some of the kids to the borehole to fetch some more water. It was getting pretty dark and this is when I learned that the borehole is actually locked. This is so that no one can steal the borehole handle. I'm not sure why this surprised me, but I guess I didn't think the community borehole would need to be locked. Yet, it's also nice to know that there are people willing to take on the responsibility of maintaining the borehole and keeping it safe. Kasambiika surprises.