Monday, July 8, 2013


Today was a fairly relaxing day. While the team leaders (Juliana and Trisa) went into Iganga Town for their weekly meeting, the rest of us took up baseline survey again. We started a new zone and got about 13 houses finished in 2 hours. Many of the children hadn't seen us in this part of the village so we had quite the caravan after awhile, but it didn't bother me. That is, until we noticed that a lot of the kids had ringworm... It was on their heads and faces. It was really sad and disturbing to see; I just hope that we can put on a de-worming day for the kids in the village.

As we walked back under a cloudy sky (which was thankfully the weather the entire time we did baseline), a couple of boda boda friends picked us up and took us home, saving us some 15-20 extra minutes of walking. When we got back, I learned a new card game with the kids and played with them for some time.

Later, we met with the Kasambika 1 team to plan our school visit tomorrow to build tippy taps and teach the hand-washing song. It was a very short meeting so we started the football game earlier than usual. With all the kids sitting around, waiting for the ball and staring at the new muzungus, it was easy to set the teams and start playing. As the game came to end, we had another big dance circle party to finish the night off.