Friday, July 26, 2013

Family Planning

We had an amazing Family Planning sensitization today! 58 people showed up and about 20+ women received some type of birth control. Even more took female and male condoms. We had a male nurse, Peter, come as well and he helped to explain more of the technical questions the women and men had. All our VHTs attended as always and all were supportive of the Family Planning methods. Peter only brought pills and the Depo shot, but we stressed that UVP would hold family planning camps throughout the year so women and men can get the other types of methods (implant, tubal ligation, vasectomy, etc.) Since we only had one nurse, all of us had to help him out give methods. Juliana was the “lab technician” working with the women on pregnancy tests. Trisa and I helped weigh the women. Kenzie took their blood pressure. Isaac helped with recording information with Peter and Andrew handed out condoms. The women really appreciated the session and asked numerous questions. Persuading the men is harder, but the younger generation seems to be open to the idea of family planning. We’re hopeful that the families of K2 will be smaller as this younger generation grows up. Fingers crossed.