Saturday, July 6, 2013

Ugandan Transportation

Last night, Juliana told us her boda boda motorcyclist was in an accident on the same road we take to Iganga. A matatu had lost its bearing and hit oncoming boda bodas, killing 3 of them. Another 3 died while the rest of the passengers in the matatu are in critical condition. It reminded me of the high mortality rates that road accidents have. So on the way to Iganga town today, I couldn't help but think of the possibility of an accident. The matatu itself looked extremely worn out and was shaking the entire way to Iganga, but we had waited almost half an hour for one and none were showing up. My entire body was shaking along with the matatu. Though, it took us about an hour to get 20 miles, I was happy we got there safe. Transportation here in Uganda is easily accessible, but you must be patient. That's definitely a lesson I'm learning here. From transport to life in the village, it's slower than life back in a busy city. I think I'm actually liking it though. I think the hard part will be adjusting to life when I get back. 

Minus this trip to use the Internet, I'm staying in the village this weekend. Hopefully, I'll find some small adventures and meet some new friends.