Friday, July 12, 2013

Impromptu Team Trip

We had quite the lazy day today. With no need to do baseline surveys, we just chilled around the house until after lunch when we planned the specifics of our malaria education session for next Tuesday. We worked on some posters, a skit, and the details of malaria. Using their makeshift football, we played keep away with the kids until our boda bodas came for our team trip!

An impromptu journey, we all traveled to Kaliro, a town much like Iganga in the next district over. We got some ingredients for our French Toast breakfast on Sunday! It was another beautiful boda ride there and back. We left around 5:30 and when we got back, we were riding under an amazing sunset sky with a sliver of the moon beaming over the rice fields.

When we got back, we had the quieter group of kids waiting for us - Samuel, Daniel, Eria, and Kabaale. They played with our headlamps, flashlights, and phones. We played some music for them and watched them rock out to Rihanna, Usher, and Neon Trees. After that, it was more Game of Thrones and then sleep!