Thursday, July 11, 2013

Fish Eyeballs

We finally finished baseline surveys today! No more walking house to house in the hot baking African sun!
I made a bouquet of flowers for Guster today. As I went with Juliana to Nabitende, the local trading post, I threw the bouquet to Guster as we passed by on the boda. He caught it with a giant smile on his face! At Nabitende, we picked up some fish for dinner, our fully charged phones, and some lesus (they look like scarves that women wear around their waists). It was beautiful riding on a boda boda as the sun was setting. The sky was a beautiful pink and purple canvas.

I came back to find the regular kids at our porch. Reagan, who's 12, and I held up my lesu and the smaller kids jumped and danced underneath it. As we said goodbye, they pulled on my wrist to take me back to their house. Nesse (rhymes with Messi), Said (pronounced Sigh-E-D), and Batale all have death grips I swear!

With fish for dinner tonight, I had fish eyeballs for the first time! It's pretty slimy, but tasty!