Saturday, July 13, 2013

Dancin' in the Rain

Yay for the weekend! We had some other interns come visit today in Kasambika 2. It was fun to see some familiar faces. With 8 new faces, the kids still came by to hang out and I ended up playing with them for most of the time. Guster made me a bouquet of flowers today. Batale and Robert came by to play some cards. Then Batale and Robert took us for bike rides around the village! It was so much fun sitting on the back of the bike saying "Jambo!" and trying hard not to scream every time we hit a dip or a bump. The people we passed by just laughed and pointed while we rode by. When I came back from the bike ride, someone threw the football out and a game started. It went on for awhile...until the rain came.

At first, it was just some sprinkles so we kept playing. Then it started coming down harder and a few of us still tried to play while others took refuge under our roof at the porch. I tried to stay as long as possible, but then the monsoon came. At this point, everyone (kids and interns) were all huddled on the porch hiding from the rain. The kids started to use the runoff rain from the roof to wash their hands and sing the song at the same time. Then Trisa yells over the noisy rain "Esther, let's dance in the rain!"

Immediately, I jumped from the porch and started twirling and jumping in the rain, dancing my heart out. Other interns came down to dance and the kids soon followed. We kicked at the puddles, ran down the street, and chased each other, slipping and falling all the while. It was glorious.