Friday, July 5, 2013

Moving Along

Starting at 11AM, we had another day of baseline surveys today. With only an hour break for lunch, we worked until 5:30PM. Most of the houses we went to had most of the sanitation facilities we were looking for: latrines, wash rooms, and trash pits. Yet, we weren't so lucky with the mosquito nets. It's clear that we have to work on malaria education sessions and provide subsidized nets. It was a long day full of walking, but we were able to finish our zone! The other team also finished theirs so we only have two more to go and we'll be done with these baseline surveys.

Most of the team was wiped out from walking and being in the sun most of the day so we didn't have the football game outside our house. Instead, we played at one of the kid's houses. It was definitely a smaller game, but my favorite players were in so it was worth it. After I found out one team was losing 8-0, I had to step in. Our team didn't end up winning, but it is always fun playing with the kids. It was only when it got dark and the game ended that I noticed we had an audience. After meeting some new friends, I walked back home and then it was only dinner, some catching up, reading Game of Thrones, and sleep.