Sunday, July 14, 2013

Rats 1, Humans 0

I woke up this morning to the sounds of rats fighting or possibly dying. Trisa and I got out of our room to check where they were. In our hutch, we heard one that was squeaking and screaming. Isaac, Kenzie, and Andrew all got up as well and we started preparing for war. We stuffed the bottom gaps of the doors with curtains, grabbed weapons (a soccer ball, a bucket, a broom, and a stick), and a flashlight. As we looked for the rat, a small one jumped out and ran out before we could get it. Disappointed, I thought there wouldn't be another one, but Isaac was adamant. He pulled out drawers and poked around. Then we saw it. About 7 inches with an enormous tail, this rat ran around the hutch and hid from view. At one point, Andrew was about to stab it with a stick until it jumped out of reach and started running around the living room. With all of us on top of chairs, stools, and tables, I swept the rat away from the garage a couple of times, Kenzie threw the soccer ball at it, Trisa waited with the heavy bucket for the drop, Andrew clapped loudly... and Isaac tried to smack it with the stick. All the while, we were screaming and yelling. Eventually, we ended up failing as the rat sprinted to the garage through a hole in the gap.

Surrendering to defeat, Kenzie and I started on our French Toast making. It took some time getting used to cooking on a charcoal stove, but we succeeded and our teammates gave the final ruling as delicious! YES!

In Iganga today, we are heading back to K2 soon. I hope we'll be victorious over the rats tonight.