Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Uganda Travels

During a recent time of reflection, a dear friend (whom if I ever became famous would probably write my biography...in fact, I expect it from you Matt) broke my life down into chapters of a book. The first couple consisted of all the baby steps I took, the elementary years, all the way to my awkward middle school times. Then came the high school chapters (yes there is an s there) where Esther learned more awkwardness, humility, and embarrassment. From my first experiences with eyeliner and mascara to those red-haired months to that time my phone had a...let's say water incident..., there were crushes, mosquito bites, AP classes, yearbook signings with maps of lunch time cliques, major failures, and few successes. One of which was Berkeley. Filled with amazing friends and inspiring people, newly found passions, and incredible experiences, these are truly the best years and chapters of my life so far. 

But with only 6 days left before I live in a new country, a new continent for the next two months, I have other things on my mind besides reflecting on these college chapters. For those of you who may not know, in less than a week I will be traveling to Iganga, Uganda and living in a rural village called Kasambika. As an intern for the Uganda Village Project, I will be working on public health and development programs focused on the community's wants and needs. I plan on reflecting on the experiences and lessons I've learned here for my future self and for anyone who wants to follow my adventures. 

I'd be lying if I didn't say I'm absolutely terrified and extremely excited to start a new chapter: The Uganda Travels