Monday, June 17, 2013

21.6 = 27.6

"So is there any rock climbing there?"

"Haha, no Mom. I wish."

As we pass the giant columns of light that so mark the infamous LAX airport, I can't help but wonder how much I will miss bouldering. (Shout out to all my rock climbing buddies back home. I miss you!) Waiting to board my first 5 hour flight to Washington Dulles, I had to write a quick blog post!

First off, I need to say a giant thank you to my family for dealing with my last-minute packing. I love you all so much and you all have supported me without judgement or hesitance. The procrastination is about 60% from laziness and 20% from forgetfulness and 20% from the part of me that actually doesn't want to leave. I am terrified of what lies ahead of me, but all of your support in the last few hours have helped push me forward.

Currently sitting on the floor at Gate 63, I have to keep pinching myself to make sure this is real. I'm so grateful and happy to have the opportunity of a lifetime working in Uganda. I have learned so much in my Global Poverty and Practice classes in Berkeley that I feel as prepared as possible to fully experience working in the development field. So what's next? The only thing in the way: a flight consisting of 5 hours to Washington, 3 hours in layover, 14.5 hours to Ethiopia, 3 hours in layover, and finally a 2 hour and 10 minutes to Entebbe, Uganda.

They're calling Group 3 to board! See you all in Washington!