Sunday, June 23, 2013

Makeshift Football

Today we headed to the village! After eating breakfast and saying goodbye to the Nekoli guesthouse, we traveled to Iganga town to grab some groceries and other materials for the week. With two other team members (Issac and Juliana), I went to the market to grab most of the groceries. We bought sweet potatoes, rice, wheat flour, beans, peas, etc. The market is a beautiful place that reminds me of a giant farmer’s market back home. Once we met up with the rest of the team who went to various supermarkets around town, we headed out on the bus to the villages! With the two other Launch teams, we first dropped off the team at Buwerempe and then we were next! As we pulled up to our house, we saw one of the village health team members in her bright green UVP shirt running down the street to tell others that we’ve come. Once we parked and unloaded, a number of adults had come to help us move our luggage to the front door. That’s one thing that I’ve noticed – Ugandans are so nice!! There are so friendly and extremely kind. I met many of the local leaders of the village today and was able to use some of the Lusoga I’ve learned (flashcards for the win!).

But the best thing of the day? Oh man, the children. As we pulled up to the house, so many kids came and looked at the muzungus (the Lusoga term for foreign). After saying “Jambo!” (which means Hi!) many times, one of my team members pulled out a Frisbee. After a while with the Frisbee, the makeshift soccer ball came. It looked like a compilation of foam wrapped and tied up in a net. The kids first played a game of keep away in a circle, which I joined. Then all of sudden, one of the children said a couple of words and branches were torn off nearby trees and shoved into the ground on two sides of our giant front lawn. Thus, the soccer game began. It was so much fun! But so so so hot.

After the soccer game, we cleaned up the house (sweeping and mopping the concrete floors) and then unpacked our stuff in our rooms. We had tea as a snack since lunch was skipped. I had roasted corn for the first time. It tasted pretty hard actually… but interesting. Then after tea, we unpacked some more and then finally had our first team dinner together in the light of kerosene lamps. We had rice, cabbage, and sweet potatoes. After that, it was only sleep.