Sunday, June 30, 2013

Internet is like Chocolate: So Sweet

Recapping a bit... 

Thursday night: we got news of another death in the community. The burial is tomorrow. Two funerals in the first week of work is not a good start. 

Friday: We attended the burial. This time only 4 of us went (Trisa, Andrew, Juliana and me). There were fewer people this time, but the staring did not stop. This time at the burial, we walked out to the back with the coffin and saw it buried. It was the first time I had ever seen something like this and I couldn't help but get emotional. Having two burials in one week hits pretty hard. 

Saturday: We had lunch at a large landowner's house today. He has a nice plot of land next to the church. We walked around his garden passing by many banana trees, 1 guava tree (where I ate an unripened one given to me), and some coffee trees. The lunch included matooke (mashed up bananas), rice, and some meat. With no forks, it was a finger food type of lunch. As we left his house, we found out a little more about this old, nice, and classy landowner - he has 3 wives, 24 children, and hoping for more. It was hard not to look surprised and angry. Still, I am grateful for the kindness and hospitality they showed me. Post lunch, we had a focus group meeting with representatives of the 50+ club. Again, we split up into men and women and again, family planning became a central topic. 

Sunday: In town today! Took a boda boda all the way here. Needless to say, my back hurt quite a lot. Anyway, it's been a treat with the internet, but now I got to go!