Monday, August 5, 2013

Because it Took 3 Days Last Time....

Another "quick" weekly update.

Monday - 8/5

We built another tippy tap today for a lady we have deemed ANTM. (Look at that jawline!) She's definitely an inspiring woman. As one of the key members of our initial focus groups, she spoke about gender issues and family planning. With more kids than she wants, she openly supported tubal ligation so that she can stop having children. We were more than happy to build her a tippy tap!

Tuesday - 8/6 

We visited the school today for a tippy tap observation in which we watched whether or not the students would use the tippy taps after they used the latrine. Though most of the students did use the tippy tap during our visit, it was hard to know whether or not our presence affected that use. The biggest problem we have noticed is ensuring that the tippy taps are filled with water. Every time we visit, the students fill the tippy taps with water immediately so it is hard to know whether there is water in them when we are not there. Still, it was nice to see most of the kids using the tippy tap and soap today. 

My favorite picture of the day: The girl, Oliva, has never smiled in front of us until now. It was exciting to see her being playful with her brothers, Daniel and Samuel, today. 

Wednesday - 8/7 

We had our WASH (Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene... the acronym could use some work) sensitization today. We discussed safe transport and storage of borehole water, sanitation facilities (i.e. latrines, kitchens, and trash pits) and their correct dimensions. We demonstrated how to use Waterguard, a purifying method that uses chlorination, and how to make a tippy tap. 

Thursday - 8/8 

Happy IDD! Today is a national holiday celebrating the end of fasting for people who follow the Muslim religion. I traveled to Iganga today to attempt to update this blog, which clearly failed. Getting back to K2, it was fun to see all the kids excited to eat meat tonight. 

Friday - 8/9 

Today, we cleaned up the boreholes in our village. Below is a before and after picture of the first borehole we helped clean up. With the help of our MVP VHT Paul and the community members he mobilized, we were able to clean out the mud and weeds in and around the drainage area for the borehole. Additionally, we scrubbed the cement clean and slashed away the overgrowth. 



After our borehole clean-ups, we had our muzungu football match! Interns from Bukaigo, Buvule, Buwerempe, and Kasigo all came to Kasambiika Primary School for a match. We split up into two teams based on the rivalry between K1 and K2. Though we were leading the game for most of the match, it ended in a 2-2 draw. By the end, there was an enormous crowd watching the game and we all realized we should have planned to have a sensitization considering the number of people that came.

(The muzungus playing)

(The crowd post-game)

Saturday - 8/10

I headed into Iganga once more today with Kenzie and Andrew in order to print some photos for some favorite people. We also grabbed some lunch and used the internet at Sol Cafe. I also visited the post office in Iganga for the first time today to send some postcards.
(A matatu) 

(Inside of a cramped matatu)

(Iganga town)

Sunday - 8/11 

We were supposed to have an STI sensitization today with Loy, the same woman who talked about fistula. Yet, while we were mobilizing, we discovered that there were about 2-3 funerals in nearby villages and a wedding reception today. With so many events, we felt that the turnout to this sensitization would be low. So we spoke to Loy and had her re-schedule the session. As we headed back to the house, I was invited to dine with this family. They were incredibly kind and gave me some matooke and G-nuts. Though at the time I was nervous about dealing with some unexpected bowel movements, the food was quite delicious. A beautiful Kasambiika Surprise to end the week.